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Painting The Facade Of The House: Advantages And Disadvantages

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There are many ways to carry out facade decoration in Sapphire. The simplest and most economical is its coloring. However, to get a decent result, you must follow all the recommendations for implementing this process. Otherwise, you get a surface with a variety of chips, cracks, and deformations.

According to painters Sapphire NC, the choice of paint should be based on the type of surface to be painted. Saving on material, in this case, is inappropriate. Correctly chosen paint can last more than ten years.

Also, painting the facades allows you to easily change their appearance at any time. There are two options for painting facades: wet and dry. Also, the type and number of colors and shades used in the process of work are unlimited. Your facade will acquire exactly the shade you choose, without any restrictions.

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Choice Of Paint – Painting The Facade

When choosing paint for the facade, you should first focus on the material that is completely suitable for the surface on which it is applied. Only in this case, the paint will last a very long time.

Considering the main types of paints, the surfaces with which they are covered are of several types. For example, if the surface is made of minerals, they absorb moisture at high humidity and low temperatures, and in dry weather, they give it away. Therefore, paint for this kind of surface must be moisture-proof and vapor-permeable, since moisture must escape through its pores. If the paint does not allow such a facade to breathe, then moisture will accumulate, which will subsequently lead to its flaking.

If the house is made of bricks, covered with plaster mortar, and then painted with a vapor-proof paint, all the moisture from the plaster mortar is transferred to the brick, which is destroyed under its influence.

If the surface of the walls is made of concrete, then water-based paint is not suitable for it, since it removes alkali from its surface and leads to its gradual destruction. Simultaneously, the reinforcement inside the concrete is also destroyed, and the paint simply loses its color.

When choosing paint for a wooden facade, you should pay attention to its elasticity and resistance to moisture. Previously, oil-based paints were used to paint wooden facades, now water-based varnishes and paints are used.

If there are elements made of steel inside the building, then paints and varnishes, in no case should allow water pass to them, should be elastic and anti-corrosion.